One-Month Supply of Children’s Vitamins Delivered to El Salvador

WCCM missionaries Rev. Dan, Pam, Stephen, and Elizabeth Hawkins delivered 10,350 chewable children’s vitamins to El Salvador this week on behalf of WCCM HQ. Janis Watkins, the director of Abigail Association, based out of San Salvador, sent out a message a few weeks ago that children’s vitamins are no longer available in El Salvador. These 69 bottles will supply one months’ worth of vitamins to the 342 orphans and at-risk kids that Janis ministers to.

World Class Cities Ministries has been working in partnership with Abigail Association in El Salvador since we provided a minister’s training conference in January of 2015. Since then, we have returned to El Salvador twice. (See: Changing the Ministry Team Dynamic Around the World and The Official El Salvador Feb/Mar 2016 Report.) WCCM-licensed minister Dan Hawkins, his wife, and two of their four children are currently preparing to become long-term missionaries to San Salvador in partnership with Sis. Watkins.

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