Mission Statement

The mission of World Class Cities Ministries is to train ministers, plant churches, and provide for the physical and spiritual needs of people around the world.

About WCCM Mission and Vision

The work of WCCM began with Founder Rev. Dr. G. W. “Bill” Wilson in 1997. Over his 43 years of ministry, he ministered to people from more than 50 cultures and 60 countries on five continents around the world. As a result, more than 7,000 churches were planted. Today, WCCM continues the vision the Lord gave Rev. Wilson.

Training Pastors

Our primary focus is to train ministers. While foreign missionaries can be successful in sharing Christ after entering a new culture, WCCM has found the most success in training local ministers who have been reared in the culture of their home country. With a focus on traveling to cities with a population of 1 million or more, WCCM trains ministers in the application of theology, Biblical languages, Biblical business practices, effective leadership techniques, and raising church engagement for the glory of God and to build His kingdom. The intended audience for these trainings is diverse with General Sessions where those involved in all levels of ministry and lay ministry are invited to attend, as well as specialized trainings for audiences such as those in a Senior Pastor position or higher, Women’s Ministry, and Children’s Ministry.

WCCM has trained more than 150,000 ministers throughout the world at conferences and summits designed to bring cutting-edge leadership and ministry techniques and in-depth doctrinal understanding to congregations around the world. In 2021, the Lord helped us to fulfill this mission in a tremendous way, allowing us to train 33,328 ministers. We celebrate the fruitfulness of 2021 as He allowed us to minister to approximately 190,169 people in 9 countries on 4 continents. There was a 578% increase over 2020 in the number of ministers we were able to train and a 1,752% increase over 2020 in the number of people God helped WCCM to minister to through humanitarian aid and community outreach.

Planting Churches

While many pastors find new and innovative approaches and success in the application of the trainings WCCM provides, one of our goals is to equip those who are called to plant and pastor a church or grow new church plants out of their existing church. Some of the topics taught to empower these pastors and future pastors are training in how to start a church without any money, good stewardship of funds for churches, and how to create a “good soil” culture within the church, increasing engagement, spiritual commitment, and healthy church outcomes. At the same time, on the days we schedule training conferences, evangelistic services are often scheduled during the evening. This strategic approach allows for the Holy Spirit to provide new sheep to be shepherded at the same time we are training men and women called of God to shepherd a flock.

In 2021, the Lord helped us to plant 555 brand new fellowships and establish 2 brand new churches, even as rolling pandemic-related lockdowns continued in many places throughout the world. The majority of these congregants are brand new believers.

Providing for Physical Needs

One of the ways WCCM believes Christians are called to show the love and the light of Christ is through providing for physical needs. While our main focus is on ministerial training that results in church planting, our secondary focus is to provide humanitarian aid both within the church and within the community. Recent projects we’ve undertaken through WCCM Partners are digging sheltered wells (boreholes) where anyone in the community may get water for free in Kenya; providing health and medical information and attention from a Registered Nurse in schools, churches, and communities throughout the world; painting an orphanage in El Salvador; and providing sanitary supplies to schoolgirls in a town in Tanzania so that they don’t miss several days of school each month. Each of these projects is free to the communities they serve and is available to all in the community regardless of their religious affiliation.

In 2021, the Lord helped us to provide humanitarian aid and community outreach ministry to 96,704 people in 6 countries on 4 continents.

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