Kenya June 2017 (KE17): President’s Report

Kenya June 2017 at a Glance

Dear WCCM Partners,

Warm Christian greetings to each of you!

Please allow me to begin this report by sharing my deep gratitude for each WCCM Partner who made the Kenya June 2017 (KE17) a part of their regular prayers. Your prayers were truly the voice of faith that moved the hand of God in an incredible way on this trip.

For those who were not able to make this trip, let me share with you that God’s hand supernaturally guided us throughout this trip. While our final mission was different from our original plan—in some ways significantly so—it was crystal clear that the mission we accomplished was God’s plan all along. His fingerprints were all over the ministry that we ended up performing, and the astounding impact was much bigger than we thought it would be when we left the US for Kenya!

Together, with God’s help, we were able to:

  • Train 330 ministers across multiple denominations,
  • Provide humanitarian aid to approximately 580 people (including 200 toothbrush giveaways, 100 pastors receiving blood pressure and blood sugar checks, 200 orphans fed, and 80 poor fed),
  • Minister to some 700 children in schools, churches, an orphanage, and a poor neighborhood,
  • Record ministry and training audio to be broadcast on the radio to over 2 million listeners in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, northern Somalia, and Congo and given to our students in Zambia during WCCM’s training last week, and
  • Donate medical supplies to the local hospital that will help so many more.

Thanks again to each WCCM Partner for your prayers and words of encouragement as we tackled our first international trip since the passing of Dad. The Lord delivered in His usual spectacular fashion!

For His glory,

Rev. Shaun B. Wilson
World Class Cities Ministries