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IITh eNewsletterA four-year plan to plant over 7,500 churches in 27 countries.

During his final few months, Rev. Dr. G. W. “Bill” Wilson worked with WCCM Vice President of Africa and Asia Dr. Jaideep Jesudoss toward finalizing an initiative called the Isaiah Institute of Theology (IITh). The Institute was launched with its inaugural class in Nakuru, Kenya in February 2016.

The Isaiah Institute is a network of WCCM seminaries across Africa and Asia. Immediate plans for the institute include a roadmap to launch campuses in 4 countries in 2016 and establish campuses in a total of 27 countries by 2020. Participants in the programs offered at IITh are able to obtain certification up to a postgraduate level. These certifications will be accredited by each region’s accrediting body.

Over the last two years, we have received numerous requests from associates and coordinators in Africa asking for this specialized, accredited training. The governments of many of the African countries where we have a presence have begun to crack down on fraudulent organizations and con artists seeking to generate personal funds—from both local and international donors—by pretending to be Christian ministries.

As a result of this good and necessary effort by these governments, new requirements have been established for maintaining a Christian ministry in these countries. While the efforts to stop the dishonest are helpful in preventing fraud and deception, it also creates a new challenge for those who have been called by the Spirit of God to true ministry.

The Isaiah Institute of Theology has been formed, in part, to ensure the continuation of ministry through those we’ve worked alongside and know to be called and honest men and women of God. The IITh will provide the credentials these ministers need to continue the mission to which God has called them. Dr. Jaideep, who also serves as President of our university in Bangalore, India, will oversee the program.

One of the principal changes to the government’s requirements across the region is accredited ministerial continuing education as approved by each country’s government. In Kenya, WCCM’s Isaiah Institute of Theology has already obtained this accreditation and has been officially recognized by the Kenyan government as a certified Christian continuing education agency. (Praise God!)

The anticipated impact of this program during its four-year launch is incredible. Our projections show that by 2020, IITh will result in 7,764 brand new church plants across this 27-country region. Based on our past experience in ministerial training and church planting, we anticipate this will translate to nearly a half million people being led to the Lord during a time when the dominant religion in the region will be determined.

At the end of this four-year establishment period, the Isaiah Institute of Theology will be financially self-sufficient and able to continue training pastors on an ongoing basis without additional donor funding. However, until the four-year establishment period has been completed, WCCM will need help funding this vision passed down to us from Rev. Bill Wilson. We are currently working to raise the $3,000 per month budget needed to see this vision fulfilled.

With the help of WCCM Partners, we believe the Lord will help us reach this goal. Nearly a half million “pre-believers” and the continents of Africa and Asia are counting on it. With that in mind, we would like to invite you to pray with the WCCM board and WCCM Partners around the world that God will provide the budget to see the Isaiah Institute of Theology funded for the duration of its four-year establishment period.

We’d also like to invite you to prayerfully consider whether you can participate in establishing this vital work. Whether through a one-time donation or as a supporter over the next four years, every $50, $25, or even $10 that is donated to this important cause per month will help change the spiritual landscape in Africa and Asia for generations to come. If you are able to provide financial support for this important four-year establishment period, please visit the giving site for this project.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support as we work together to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to every person on earth.

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