The Path Forward (Prov. 16:9)

wheat2-field-pathThe Wilson Family and the leadership and staff of World Class Cities Ministries (WCCM) would like to thank all of our wonderful friends and faithful, committed ministry partners who have been so kind, thoughtful and uplifting since Bill’s recent and sudden passing.  Your phone calls, emails and cards offering encouragement and support have been overwhelming, to say the least.  You have humbled us all with the way you have honored Bill and our Heavenly Father through these past two weeks.  For this, we simply say “Thank You!”

While we are deeply saddened by the loss of a husband, father, friend and ministry leader, we are even more joyful and excited for Bill knowing that he will forevermore be with Jesus, rejoicing in heaven… singing and dancing with the angels in praise to the King of Kings!

If it were possible for Bill to know sadness in heaven, it would only come from looking down on Earth and seeing those countries and people that he and WCCM had not yet been able to reach with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  And now that he has gone on to be with the Lord, that same burden continues to rest on the hearts and shoulders of the WCCM family that remains.  That is why it is our intention to continue to work just as diligently and with just as much urgency to further spread the Gospel, train and empower present and future pastors and ministers and to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of men, women and children around the globe.

With such a sudden home-going there is much information to gather, many discussions to be had and even more decisions to be considered as we ask the Lord to help us determine the path forward.  While we do not desire to have any interruption in the current or future ministry plans of WCCM, we certainly do desire to honor the Lord and the work that has already been done.  It is with that in mind that we ask for your continued, prayerful support as we seek direction from God in making so many critical plans and decisions for the future direction of WCCM.

The family and leadership of WCCM have already begun to diligently consider future ministry goals and plans.  We are confident that while we were not expecting these events to unfold at this time, they certainly did not surprise the One who called Bill home.  In knowing that, we are also confident that He has already prepared a way for us to not only continue the work He has begun through WCCM, but that He desires to see its impact grow and intensify globally.

Thank you again for all of the encouragement and strength you have given WCCM and the Wilson family.  We covet your prayers and continued support through this time of seeking direction.  We pray that you will continue to stand with us well into the future as we carry the name of Jesus to all corners of the Earth.

Mark 16:15

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