Evangelistic and Healing Services #ES16

at the altar largePart of WCCM’s El Salvador February/March 2016 (#ES16) trip included evangelistic and healing services during the evenings of Week 1. Ben Ratchford was the evangelist during these evening services and the miracles were so numerous that it required its own article. To hear more about the events that took place during #ES16, please see this post’s sister article “The Official El Salvador Feb/Mar 2016 Report (#ES16)“.


During the Thursday evening service in San Miguel, the presence of the Lord came as the people worshiped in the open air. Before the preaching of the Word, God began to heal His people. After a word of knowledge concerning a neck condition, a gentleman who was unable to move his neck without pain was instantly healed in front of the crowd. He could move his neck pain-free! A woman wearing a back brace was called out of the crowd and was completely healed of back pain and a stomach condition.

Without any prompting, a woman carrying her young child walked down the center aisle to receive prayer. With tears in her eyes, she asked the Lord to heal her body. Her simple faith propelled her to come forward. The Lord did not disappoint and she received her healing!

Another young woman standing near the edge of the outdoor pavilion began weeping loudly. After being called forward, she explained that she suffered from scoliosis of the spine. One of our team members, Registered Nurse Stephanie Leake, came forward to examine her spine. As the young woman was being examined, the Spirit of God came suddenly upon her and she fell to the ground. When she was picked up, she began to just stand there, loudly praising the Lord. She stood so long that the minister asked why she was still standing there. Was there something she still needed to be healed of? She explained that because of the curve in her spine, her hips and legs had been misaligned. Her doctor had told her that her knees would never touch again. She stood there just soaking in the feeling of her knees being able to touch. Nurse Leake also testified that she felt the spine straighten out when she examined the young woman, and another team member who had been standing with a profile view of the young woman watched her spine straighten out. Praise the Lord!

Healed of Scoliosis

Many people came forward for healing and testified of how the power of God had touched their bodies. An elderly woman had been brought to the service to be healed of blindness. After receiving prayer, she said that she could see something, but it was not clear. Prayer was offered again and she again said that her sight was better, but still not completely clear. After praying the third time, the woman could see clearly and was able to demonstrate her healing by copying hand motions.

At the conclusion of the message, many came forward to surrender their lives to the Lord. The Spirit of God moved in a very powerful way as men and women dedicated themselves. Several young people were moved upon by the Lord to minister to one another. It was incredible to watch God not only move on His people but move through them to reach out to others. A few of those young people shared that they felt God calling them into ministry!



As we began to prepare for the Friday night service in the mountains of Los Naranjos, the temperature fell low and the wind picked up considerably, but it didn’t stop the people from coming. The pavilion filled up and people stood around the perimeter worshipping the Lord.


Once again, the Spirit of God was present to heal. A word of knowledge was given concerning a shoulder condition. A woman came forward with pain in her shoulder making it difficult for her to move. She was instantly healed and was able to move pain-free. Another word of knowledge regarding a foot condition was given. A gentleman responded and after prayer was healed and able to run pain-free.

A woman in the crowd was frantically trying to get the attention of the team. When called forward, she shared that she suffered from a heart condition. The power of God instantly came upon her and she fell to the ground. Afterward, she testified of being healed and began praying for others to be healed!

At the Altar Los Naranjos

At the close of the message, many responded to be filled with the Holy Spirit. God moved mightily filling His people with boldness and power. All pastors and their spouses were called forward and received special prayer. It was an incredible moment watching these leaders being refreshed and revived for the mission.


Church of God National Headquarters, San Salvador, El Salvador

Our Saturday evening service was held in the pavilion on the grounds of the El Salvador Church of God headquarters. It was electric from the very beginning.

Following a wonderful time of worship, a word of knowledge was given concerning people suffering from back conditions. A line of people formed at the front of the pavilion and each one testified of being healed after receiving prayer. One elderly gentleman stood out to the crowd. He had to be helped to the front because of his pain and had to lean on a walking stick in order to stand up. When he was prayed for, the power of God came on him and he fell to the floor. He was gently picked up and he instantly stood upright with a big smile on his face. He testified of being healed and walked back to his seat pain-free!

Healing Service Church of God El Salvador National Headquarters

At the conclusion of the message, the front of the pavilion filled up with young people surrendering their hearts to the Lord. Many were filled with the Spirit as His holy fire consumed them. A young man who was deaf in one ear testified that when he was prayed for he felt liquid gush from his ear. He could hear perfectly after that!

Church of God National Headquarters, San Salvador, El Salvador

Many felt a call to become ministers of the gospel and the Lord moved in a strong prophetic way over several of their lives. Two young men were ministered to very uniquely by the Lord. The minister called them forward while he was working his way through the altars, and directed them to go stand on the stage. They stood there tearfully worshiping God for half an hour or more until the minister returned to them, at which point he placed his tie and the tie of one of our other team members around the two of them, and prayed for them as they accepted God’s call on their lives. It was shared that this was a prophetic act very much like the mantle that was given to Elisha from Elijah. The power of God was intense as the young men wept and fell to the ground as the Holy Spirit moved upon them. After the service, the young men shared that they would never be the same and that they were actually cousins who were going to preach the gospel to El Salvador!

The fire of Acts 2 fell in the final Church of God Regional Service tonight. Backs were miraculously healed. Knees were mended. A boy who came to church deaf in one ear heard the sound of rushing water and his ear was opened; he left the tabernacle with two working ears. The Holy Spirit filled His church with a special infilling for the youth. The Spirit of the Living God is moving like a flood through His people throughout the land of El Salvador. #ES16 #SanSalvador #ElSalvador #missionstrip #missions #JesusStillHeals #healing #Jesus #HolySpirit #AintNoPartyLikeAHolyGhostParty #travelwithpurpose

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See this post’s sister article “The Official El Salvador Feb/Mar 2016 Report (#ES16)“.

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