Ghana July 2015

GH15 July 11-20

Between July 11 and 20, World Class Cities Ministries and Wilson International University (WIU) will once again team up with WCCM Partners from across the US and the world to bring training to pastors, ministers, and women in Hohoe, Ghana.

The last time WCCM was able to go to Ghana was about 8 years ago. More than 150 churches sent ministers from across the region to learn leadership skills and doctrinal teaching. They’ve asked us to return for years and we feel the Holy Spirit is telling us the time is now right. We are thrilled to announce that in July we will return with newly developed teaching material and to ordain more than 70 pastors who have been called into ministry since our last conference.

During this mission, we will be holding a Life-Giving Leadership Conference for all ministers with special breakout sessions for both women’s and children’s ministers. In the evenings, clown ministry family and WCCM Partners The Polley Family will be presenting Messages of Hope to the children of Hohoe. (Related article: These WCCM Partners Are Redefining Children’s Ministry in Kenya)

YOU Are Invited!

There are many ministry opportunities for everyone who is interested in making an eternal impact on Ghana. Whether your ministry is prayer, evangelism, or teaching; music, photography, or journalism; or even a willingness to support the rest of the team behind the scenes, we encourage you to pray about whether the Lord might be calling you to make a difference in Ghana!

Ministry Opportunities

Life-Giving Leadership Conference

Teaching in General Sessions
The number one request we receive from around the world is that of pastors asking urgently for ministry training. These General Sessions will be offered Thursday through Saturday mornings to all ministers who wish to attend. The topics are varied, but focus on training those in every position of church teams and groups leadership skills to minister and lead effectively. An estimated 300 pastors and church leaders will be in attendance at these sessions.

Topics for this conference will include “You Were Made For A Mission”, “Why People Stay”, and “Why People Follow”. Past topics have included “Becoming an Effective Leader”, “Agape Love”, “Developing People Around You”, and “Increasing Your Faith”.

Teaching Children’s Ministry
The Polley Family will be teaching effective strategies for ministering to children and clowning. Additional help from people of all ages is always welcome in these sessions.

Teaching in Women’s Sessions
These sessions are taught by women for women. An estimated 300 women will be in attendance at these sessions. Past sessions have included the topics “Finding the Will of God”, “Shelter from the Storm”, “Walking by Faith”, and “My Chains Are Gone”.

Evening Children’s Services

These services have been carefully crafted by the Polleys to convey the Gospel Message of Hope to children. From clowning to participating in skits, songs, and puppeteering, those who come to minister to the children and present the Gospel in a way that they can understand will be able to assist the Polleys and help make these Messages of Hope a success.

Sunday Ministry

On Sunday morning, those who wish to speak in a local church will be given the opportunity to do so. Additionally, those who minister in music or other forms of ministry on Sundays will be able to use their gifts at a local church.

Other Opportunities

Just because your gifts aren’t to be in front of a large group of people doesn’t mean your gifts can’t be greatly used during Ghana 2015! Here are some other types of ministers we are actively looking for to help us on this trip!

Photographers/Videographers. Documenting the ministry through photos and video during the Ghana Mission will be needed so we can share the good news and the success of the mission with others. (See our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube feeds to see what we mean!)

Journalists. Keeping a daily journal of ministry and/or writing articles that can be shared on our website and social media accounts.

Medical/Mental Health Ministers. This is consistently one of our most popular ministries in any country we visit. There is a deep need for even rudimentary information on health and sanitation. Past successful medical campaigns have included distributing prescription glasses, providing mental health counseling, and presenting “Brush your teeth. Wash your hands. Cover your cough.” to children.

Altar Worker Ministry. Praying with new converts and those who need personal prayer.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry. Prayer Partners will receive a copy of the prayer schedule that is being used in the churches in Ghana. We will join them in prayer for the success of the Life-giving Leaders Conference/Messages of Hope.

Hands-On Ministry. There are many ways to assist “behind the scenes” on a mission trip. From food preparation and distribution to setup and breakdown of the stage, there are almost never “enough” hands to fulfill all of the ministry needs. Many have participated in WCCM trips without being on stage, but have returned home feeling like they have fulfilled the calling God gave them. “I assure you that when you have done it for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you have done it for me.Matthew 25:40 (ESV)

Cultural Experience

Wli Falls

While the majority of our time will be spent in an intense teaching/ministry schedule, we will have a cultural experience during the first day while we adjust to the time change. Our current plan is to visit Wli Waterfalls—the highest waterfall in Ghana and West Africa. These falls also have thousands of bats that fly off the falls when you clap your hands.

Hotel Accommodations

Hotel De PasMay

We will be staying at Hotel De PasMay, a hotel built in 2011. Pictures can be found on Facebook and TripAdvisor.

There’s A Place For You!

If you’re interested in making a difference in the world through teaching pastors or ministering to or serving the people of Ghana, there is a place for you on this trip! Contact us today at or 443.629.3100!

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