Update on Man Who Left Wheelchair

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You may remember in our #ES15 Report last month that we shared a short testimony of a man who was freed from his wheelchair that he had used for ten years. Here’s an update on his story.

January 25, 2015

Luis leaves his wheelchair.Luis, a man who has been confined to a wheelchair for more than ten years is brought to one of the women’s ministry sessions by his sister. After being prayed for, Luis stands up and walks across the room and back. (See the video.)







February 9, 2015

Luis' lonely wheelchair.Luis attends CPR church. Janis Watkins has this to say on Facebook:

THIS Is where wheelchairs belong…OUTSIDE the church. So a gentleman who had not been out of his wheel chair for more than 10 years, got up and walked a few weeks ago at a special service that was held at Abigail Association with WCCM and Partners. It was an amazing time. Yesterday at CPR church, this same gentleman came up the road, in his wheelchair, just like you and I would in our car, parked his wheelchair at the door and WALKED up the stairs, with minimal assistance!!!!!! I asked him where he wanted to sit, as there was a chair very nearby, but he said he wanted to sit more up front!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! This gal could almost not contain her joy!!! His sister said he has been walking more and more every day!!! Sometimes, the miracles are instant and sometimes, He works them out daily. But I serve a MIRACLE MAKING God!!!!!!!


March 8, 2015

Luis steps down into the water to be baptized.

Luis Makes His Way To Be Baptized Luis Is Baptized


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