New Kenya Well Breaks Ground

Ground Breaking at Ejinja WellThere is a town in Kenya that sits in Kakamega County called Mumias where about 116,000 people live. Just north and a little to the west of this town, there’s a school run by the central government that sits in the countryside among the huts where the children live.

This elementary school, called St. Paul’s Ejinja Primary, has 11 classrooms, 14 Government of Kenya teachers and an enrollment of 884 students. There are about 80 students per classroom and this puts the student/teacher ratio at 55.3.

Although it may seem like teachers are the greatest shortage at this school, there’s actually a more important resource that this school is missing—a nearby clean water supply.

Until the Itete Well was built and dedicated by WCCM in October, the nearest water source was a little less than 4 miles away. Now, the Itete Well is only about a 45 minute walk each away.

However, Itete Well was drilled to service the 1,250 locals near that well, and not the 1,500 elementary school students and their families who live in the St. Paul’s Ejinja’s community.

Because of the great need of this community, Red Hills Church in Tallahassee, Florida raised the money for a well that will service these children and their families. It’s with gratitude and excitement that we are able to announce that the well that will serve this community was able to break ground this week.

A Prayer of Dedication for the Work At Hand

A Prayer of Dedication

The Ground Breaking

The Ground Is Broken

The Work Progresses

Progress Is Made


Are you interested in sponsoring a well? We’ve received a request for a new well in another location near a primary school that is nearly 4 miles from a clean water source. The trek to collect water from this place is riddled with steep slopes that make transporting water containers on women’s heads very difficult. Contact us to learn more about how you can get involved in providing clean water to a community without!

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