Five Miracles and Testimonies from #ES15

From January 19-27, WCCM Partners representing 3 countries, 4 US states, and 12 different churches traveled to San Salvador, El Salvador to minister.

Here are Five Miracles and Testimonies from that trip:

  1. A man who has been confined to a wheelchair for more than ten years is brought to one of the women’s ministry sessions by his sister. After being prayed for, the man stands up and walks across the room and back. (See the photo here. See the video here.)
  2. A US preacher who knows almost no Spanish begins praying for those in the altar in tongues. He later finds out his prayer was in perfect Spanish.
  3. Ministers from all over San Salvador and the nearby suburbs come to learn and worship. One pastor walks two hours each way three days in a row to learn and participate.
  4. A US preacher meets the parents of one of his El Salvadorian congregants of ten years. While in El Salvador, he leads the father to the Lord. (Read the daughter’s testimony on Facebook!)
  5. A woman who can only see flashing lights in one eye comes to the altar to be prayed over. A US Pastor prays for her healing. After service, the woman’s daughter approaches the pastor to pass along her mother’s message: “I can see!”

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