These WCCM Partners Are Redefining Children’s Ministry in Kenya

Polleys and Kenyan ClownsNakuru, Kenya

During World Class Cities Ministries’ October trip to Kenya, WCCM Partners The Polley Family blessed the children of Nakuru through clown ministry and training childrens’ ministers. Fourteen local children’s ministers were trained to be more effective leaders with information on different strategies for reaching children in the area and training in clowning and puppeteering.

During Friday and Saturday evenings in Nakuru, gospel services were held in full clown dress—including a half dozen Kenyans in costumes brought specifically for the Kenyans participating in childrens’ ministry. Approximately 450 children attended this outdoor service, with 100 accepting Christ.

WCCM Director of Africa Bishop Gilbert Adagala reports:

A new wave of fearing God was experienced among the children and adults alike [in Nakuru]. This is a great ministry that everyone is asking to do the training in their ministries. A prayer of blessings for the Polleys is offered to them for God to make provision for them in order to come again.

Kakamega, Kenya

A few days later in Kakamega, the Polley family was joined by American Registered Nurse Stephanie Leake and her daughter Regina. The Polleys and the Leakes had a chance to visit schools and orphanages during the day, and minister to children in a pre-crusade Children’s Gospel Service before Rev. W. C. Ratchford shared the gospel with their parents and other older locals at night.

Each school and orphanage showed their enthusiasm for the group and received them with songs and recitations. (See video of one of the schools the group visited.)

On Thursday and Friday, the WCCM Partners did a short program at local schools and orphanages. The program began with children’s songs such as Say To the Lord, “I Love You” and The Hokey Pokey (with the lyrics slightly altered to “We praise the Lord together and turn ourselves around—that’s what it’s all about!”) The team also presented the message of salvation through A Tale of Two Lions, a jungle-themed story of salvation by Carol Polley, and “Dots of Salvation”, an illustration of salvation using different colors to represent sin, the blood of Christ, being white as snow, and more. Additionally, Nurse Stephanie presented a health lesson that had three learning points: Brush your teeth. Wash your hands. Cover your cough.

Gift bags were given to most of the children. In them were coloring books based on the A Tale of Two Lions and “Dots of Salvation” stories and pipecleaner bracelets with beads representing the Dots of Salvation.Making gift bags for the children.

At both the schools and the orphanages, the team gave the teachers resource bags that had A Tale of Two Lions, “Dots of Salvation”, and a CD of ministry music (including the songs used during the evening Children’s Gospel Services).

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, ministry continued at the pre-Crusade Children’s Gospel Services and in local churches. About 100 children attended these presentations.

In all, 150 orphans and 385 school children were blessed by the team in Kakamega. Many of the schools’ students were underprivileged and orphaned (though separate from the orphanages we visited). Many of the orphans were rescued from sexual abuse, or were rejected by their parents because they were the result of rape or HIV positive.

Hesbon Isinga, children’s minister, orphanage Director, and coordinator for our Kakamenga children’s ministry was thankful for the WCCM Partnership. He said:

Many children saw a new approach to ministry in their schools as well as every other place that the program was conducted.

When leaving Kenya, the group left nearly $7,000 worth of educational material for the teachers and children of Kenya.

Rev. Isinga also reports that “the ministry was a great success that needs a follow up for it to take root where it has been started.” Plans to return with more children’s training are in the works. If you’re interested in joining us, please contact us and let us know!

Pictures from the Trip

About the WCCM Partners

The Polley FamilyFrom Left: David, Rebecca, Carol, and Rachel Polley

Husband and wife David and Carol Polley and their daughters Rebecca and Rachel have been ministering to children together for more than a decade.

The family started their ministry as a clown ministry. Now they produce curriculum and train children’s ministers around the world.

The family has traveled with WCCM to both Kenya and Rwanda in the past. In the US, Rebecca and Rachel teach elementary school.

The LeakesFrom left: Stephanie and Regina Leake

Mother and daughter Stephanie and Regina Leake have partnered with WCCM in Kenya, Rwanda, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Uganda.

Stephanie is involved in children’s ministry and ministers through answering medical questions and providing health and hygiene information—a service highly in demand in the places WCCM visits.

Regina’s ministry is multi-faceted. Her primary experience as a WCCM Partner falls predominantly in children’s ministry and outreach, but she’s always ready, able, and willing to fill any role asked of her—and to do so with passion. Regina is also an accomplished violinist whose worship music has been enjoyed at several WCCM ministry events, and she has even serenaded the WCCM team during meals.

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