Children in India Collect Shoes for Rwandan Children

In June 2013, Dr. Jaideep Jesudoss, Vice President Africa and Asia for WCCM, went to Rwanda to teach ministers. While he was there he had the opportunity to visit with children in a local nursery school in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda.

Upon his return to Bangalore, India, Dr. Jaideep told the children who attend the children’s ministry at a local church about the special kids he met in Kigali, including some of the needs they had in their life.

Christmas 2013

At the childrens’ request, a fund was created that would provide mosquito netting for the Kigali children. This netting would reduce the chances of these young kids getting malaria.

Autumn 2014

As autumn 2014 started drawing closer, the children in Bangalore were ready to start a new initiative to help the kids they’d “adopted” in Rwanda. This year the 25 kids aged 6-12 were able to raise enough money to buy shoes for 54 of their young friends in Rwanda.

Unexpected Results

Not long after the shoes were distributed, WCCM headquarters received this testimony from our contact in Rwanda:

Greetings dear friend, hope all is well with you and your families. I wanted to let you know that after giving the shoes to the kids God performed a miracle for our Nursery school in up country where I took the shoes. They were schooling from within the church, [but] now local leaders [have] offered their building for us. I give all the glory to God. Attached are the photos thanks for your support once again.

Local building offered for WCCM nursery school. Local building offered for WCCM nursery school.

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