Benin International Christian Leadership Empowerment Conference 2014

The testimonies of miracles are beginning to pour in from WCCM’s Benin International Christian Leadership Empowerment Conference and Crusade 2014 that was held last month.


Among the miracles, a man in his 60s testifies to being healed and another attendee who was diagnosed and suffering from an incurable disease received a miraculous healing.


According to the report received from Bishop John Akanu and the Ministerial Association in Benin, 340 new believers put their faith in Jesus Christ.  Rev. Akanu reports that pastors are already meeting for the follow-up of the new converts, as the information provided by the new believers have been distributed to the churches who participated from the region.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Among those who attended the conference and crusade, an incredible 75 ministers received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit for the very first time.

Local Bishop and WCCM Ordained Minister Akanu reports:

It truly was a time of empowerment and what the meeting did in the life of the entire city cannot be quantified with human language.  The testimonies are still coming in on a daily basis of this mighty move of the Holy Spirit in Cotonou, Benin, West Africa. 

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