Treasure Once More

Bayugan City, Mindanao, Philippines

What would you do if you had a chance to go back to Treasure Island – or better still imagine getting to sit with Robert Louis Stevenson, pour out a cup of tea perhaps and have the man sagely nod his head in faint approval of all that you would share in what would be your latest jaunt form treasure… Wait a minute, did I say go back to Treasure Island?

To have to snap of out my reverie is brutal but to share the experience with you is refreshingly uplifting.

Treasure Island it was, at least to me, to see the mountains in the distance covered with trees and foliage, teeming with wild life. To see the Agusan river lazily curl its way in no seeming hurry to finally empty itself into the ever welcome bay, to see streaks of fresh water run well into the sea. To look as far inland and notice a single plume of smoke rise warily into the bright morning sky tastefully decorated with cumulous clouds standing silent sentinel to the promise of a new day in the tropics.

Treasure Island it was when we landed in Butuan City and yes it was the ‘again’ experience. It was WCCM’s second Mission to the Island of Mindanao, Philippines.

We piled into the transport vehicles and silently took in the feel of life as people knew here with great alacrity.

We finally pulled into the resort and hurried off to our cottages in the tropics – each of us, I must add had the aura and conviction of explorers who had just discovered something spectacular – never mind the fact that the Chinese and the Spaniards had done business on the same Island for centuries.

As the wheels of the van we rode in gently bobbed over the pebbles that covered the stretch between the road and the entrance to the venue of the conference, there was that silent prayer that escaped my lips, Lord accomplish whatever you need to accomplish through the team and the ministry over the next few days.

The all youth Worship team led the people to the best loved songs with the intensity and consistency of the tropical sunshine that beat down upon us.

The people of Bayugan City had arrived and the steady stream kept growing and peaked at 259. God indeed had something mighty planned.

The curtains were about to go up!

WCCM / Harvest Hands Ministries. Bayugan City Life-giving Leaders Conference / Crusade and Church Plant from October 22, 2009.

God moved mightily this day and when it was time to break for lunch the team members helped serve the attendees with a meal of chicken, rice and soda. With their spiritual and physical needs met. It was time to rest as they waited expectantly for the evening evangelistic

Renowned International Evangelist Rev Dr. W. C. Ratchford presented the Gospel message with a fresh outpouring of the anointing pierced the souls of mankind. Before it was over, 250 new members of the family of God came forward to receive ‘His touch’.

Team WCCM moved through the crowded altar area praying for the needs of the people.

It was sweet confirmation that the latest chapter in the ministry had just been opened.

When night finally arrived the vans wound back the snaking highways. Tired and spent as we were, one thing was for sure, each heart went to bed that night warm and rejoicing because 250 lives had been added to the Kingdom of God.

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