Wilson International University Graduate to be Army Chaplain

yanIt was a clear day. The sun was bright. The light filtered in through the windows across which the curtains were drawn. The mood was upbeat. The room on the first floor was packed with students seated in a way to make maximum usage of space with little room for comfort. The air was thick and the fans overhead were spinning at a dizzying pace.

It was my class and I had started the new batch in “Homiletics”. It was interesting to me because I had to create and use a fresh combination of all the skills from Homiletics for myself so as to keep up with and dodge the constant blaring and honking of vehicles as they sped furiously below.

I remember adjusting my tie and starting the class – I was a few minutes into class when he walked in…

A bag was slung across bulging slightly with what seemed like hurriedly stuffed books. His appearance was that of a typical college student in a pair of jeans a shirt to match and sport shoes. His hair was straight and defiantly hanging forward after what seemed like many efforts to toss it back… but his eyes were what caught my attention. His eyes – it appeared to me – had already picked a spot in the center of my forehead and refused to budge or blink. There was mischief and also what I initially thought to say, “Let me see what you have to say.”

That was where it started with Yan Lotha. Yan, as I called him, turned out to be a young man with great maturity. A very deep person for his age with a vision that put him ahead of the others in his batch. He wanted to make something out of his life without any help and was prepared to go the distance. Last year Yan came back and joined an intense, fast track, high power course in Servant Leadership, a 12 subject course that prepares in Theology as well as in Finance, Administration, Planning and People Skills.

Yan continued very hard at a pace I had come to know was all his own which never ceased to surprise me. His commitment to being the best person he could be so that God could use him was rewarding to watch and invest into. This year in Jan 2009 I believe God opened a door for Yan to join the armed forces to be a Chaplain.

He responded immediately and is now preparing to be a Chaplain.

It is my prayer that his commitment to excellence will continue to be a challenge and a blessing to many more in the days and years to come.

I miss Yan and I know that his life will always touch lives just as sure as it has touched mine.

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