Uganda Armed Forces Soldier Receives His Healing

Today we received this praise report from a pastor in Mbale, Uganda:

We thank the Lord for the Life-giving Leaders Conference/Crusade in Mbale, Uganda by the World Class Cities Ministries Team.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

While I was ministering this morning, one man interjected and told the church that he is a member of the Uganda Armed Forces and was healed in the ear because of this mission. He said he wanted to testify last Sunday while Dr. G. W. “Bill” Wilson was ministering, but didn’t have the opportunity.

May the Lord receive all the glory . The man says he has been prayed for severally (several times) and hadn’t received his healing. He has decided to make New Generation Church his church.


Reporting –
Pastor Phillip Charo, Senior Pastor
New Generation Church
Mbale, Uganda, East Africa

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