Mukomari Church in Kenya Seeks Shelter

The Mukomari Church is a deeply devoted and a determined body of believers in western Kenya who worship under a tree, when the weather permits. It is difficult to meet during the rainy season, due to the elements.

This young dedicated ministry has been waiting upon the Lord to provide for the need of a house of worship that will shield them from the hot Kenyan sun and the rainy days.

Although they support the church, most of their income is spent on food. The Bible Society in Kenya reports the average income is $1.00 per day, while the cost of food has risen by almost 60% in the last few months.

WCCM and its partners can build a church for this needy congregation for $790.00 USD. The attendees will do the building, if we will provide the material. If you would prayerfully consider partnering with WCCM as we believe God to meet the need of our brothers and sisters in western Kenya, it will be deeply appreciated.

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