WCCM Opens New Training Centers in India

World Class Cities Ministies has opened three new Wilson International University Training Centers in India.  With “Making Disciples of All Nations” as our goal, we have established training centers in Rasra, Uttar Pradesh State; Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh State; and Dimapur, Nagaland State.  Dr. Jaideep Jesudoss has trained seven hundred pastors from Kerala, Uttar Pradesh and Kanataka, India. In addition to these milestones, two more training centers are scheduled to open within the next few months in Punjab and Gujarat.

There is a deep appreciation to Kevin Wilson and Dean Collins who have provided English Language DVD’s and a Wide Screen TV, which Wilson International University uses to train new leaders.  The effectiveness of this modern equipment transcends the normal process of teaching a the pastors are offered an English elective to help strengthen their communication skills.  The ministers are advancing at a rapid pace due to the technology.

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