From Uganda: Life-Giving Leadership spreads

We received this report today from Uganda:

Praise be to the name of the most high God, it’s amazing how God works out things and makes them beautiful in His own timing.

After two years of life giving conference in Uganda, today a testimony is given about the training material. I had a one on one with pastor Peter. He shared with me that the message on faith, spiritual warfare, and prayer have helped him equip his followers, and that its the only material that he has on the above areas.

He also uses the material to train his leaders in the church. He actually confeses that today his church is where it is because of the message on faith and prayer.

I fellowshiped with them last sunday. It was a wonderful time. They are 35 members. The premises where the church is are rented so they can’t have permanent buildings. I also discovered that they don’t have a toilet-they use the swamp behind the church for short calls for long calls they go to public toilet which is some distance away-its pathetic Doctor.

The church has no seats they have improvised with long logs that cut across the room, and mats for seats, he has a comitted congregation who are working hard to support the church.

It is being requested that WCCM have the Life-Giving Leadership material translated into the Lugandan language by Pastor Ronnie Mutebi, WCCM Uganda Representative and a Wilson International University SLAM (Student Leader Access Module) program graduate.

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