WCCM Launches U.S. Curriculum Lending Library

World Class Cities Ministries is excited to announce the launching of a brand new lending library system. We’ve come across the need for curriculum in several of the churches that we network with that are in poor areas. The lending library will lend reusable curriculum to churches in inner cities and poor areas each quarter. When the church is done with it, the curriculum will be returned to WCCM so we may lend it to another church for the next quarter.

Our very first opportunity to lend will be at the beginning of the new year as we provide Toddler curriculum to Charm City Church in Baltimore (see Colleen’s Charm City blog).

We are also looking for donations from churches who may be done with their gently used curriculum ages Toddler through 12 years old. We already have a request from Urban Outreach (Assemblies of God) in Capitol Heights, Maryland for curriculum to use with girls aged 4-12. Capitol Heights is one of the neediest neighborhoods in the Washington, DC metro area. The church currently meets in a converted rowhouse in the middle of the projects.

If you’re interested in getting involved in the Lending Library program, please contact Shaun Wilson at shaun [dot] wilson [@t] wccm.net.

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