His Strength Is Perfect

All of my work in WCCM involves teaching and/or singing. The one thing I need to be able to execute my work is my voice, and I need all of it. I am reminded that the devil tries to get a person both at their weak points as well as their strong points.

I do take a lot of care with my voice with the kind of things I eat, drink, etc., but I was in for a surprise I must say. While I was having a great time of fellowship with one of the team members in Edinburgh, just talking about the ways in which God has done great things – I felt a grip on my vocal chords.

I dismissed that as fatigue and went to bed shortly after.

However the fun was to start the next day, by afternoon I was running a fever as well as a throat infection. How I got it beats me. I know the symptoms all too well, when this happens I also know what comes of it. I wasn’t going to give in so easily so I went ahead and took my mind off. By the time I got to Dublin the infection was in full force. My fever was raging that night when I got into bed and my throat just locked up. When that happens usually two things follow in rapid succession.

  1. I cannot teach.
  2. I certainly cannot sing.

Reason: No voice.

I did get some medication which helped to bring the fever down the next day, but the infection stayed full steam ahead for the entire duration of my stay in Dublin. I just couldn’t shake it! It hurt each time I swallowed a gulp of water or a bite of food.

This is the crowning glory of it all. I prayed and reached out to God every day. Just as sure and faithful as He always is, God in His power enabled me to teach the Worship Seminar, which is why I was there in the first place. If that wasn’t enough – I’ve got to tell you, when God gets involved He does it in His style – God enabled me to minister through song everyday. We do not wrestle with flesh and blood but with the powers and principalities.

This is my favorite part. “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.”

The God we serve, He’s truly awesome!

Dr. Jaideep Jesudoss.

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