I Ain’t Saying Amen!

It was a clear afternoon, the sunshine moved in with its balmy fingers easing out the chill, filling it with quiet expectancy. The mood was upbeat at the Edinburg Airport, Scotland. When the plane lifted off it was to a blue sky dotted with gentle wisps of cloud. The plane nosed ahead to its destination Dublin. Was it excitement? Sure it was to the 32 members of the WCCM mission trip headed now to Dublin, Ireland.

The plane landed and after we collected our luggage we piled onto the bus which would take us to the hotel. Instructions, hot shower, dinner, sleep!

A new day, a new promise, team heads off to Solid Rock Church, Drogheda, Ireland. Enter International Evangelist, Rev Dr Rick Jones, from Bedford, Texas USA. A man who lives across the Atlantic, starts praying for the land as God would lay upon his heart.

Now his passion had brought him to meet with the people he prayed for.  As the speaker at the special meetings each evening, he brought one scripture to the fore.

Let me stop and ask you this, now that we are the new covenant people and all that, are we under the law or are we under grace? Got your attention, didn’t I?

The law was given to Moses and that is all old and over with since Jesus established a new covenant and we are in the new covenant. Jesus was the fulfillment of the law and so therefore we are now free, right? Actually, wrong.

Galatians 6:2 says we are under the law.  While under grace?  The law is this: “Carry each other’s burdens and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ”.  Yes, that is true; we are under a new law and that is the Law of Christ. This law says look out for your brother. Pray for one another, cover for one another, stand up for one another.

Punctuated with amens from the audience, Dr. Jones criss-crossed the sanctuary, enacting his point in a style so riveting it was sure that the Word was being pounded into the very foundation of the Church. This was something that was needed. While admitting to the fact the he just could not shake Galatians 6:2, Dr Jones made it clear that we were not going to see any good in our Church or our lives if we did not learn to look out for each other as children of God should.

It’s amazing to see just how God would empower WCCM with its visionary leader Dr. Bill Wilson at the helm to get 32 individuals together to bless, to love, and empower the people of Ireland; to embark on this journey based in being united in God’s love and moving towards always looking out for each other.

I’ll say this for myself — I ain’t saying “amen” and stop there after church service anymore.  Here’s what I have resolved to do…

Look out for my brother in everyday real life, on the streets.

Dr. Jaideep Jesudoss

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