From India: 40 New Fellowships Established by One Pastor in 15 Months

Pastor Anil Kumar John received his training up to the level of B.Th Bachelor in Theology. When he started his studies his grasp of English was so poor he could hardly speak one sentence in good perfect English.

WCCM took him in and embarked on the process of building his Life!

Anil progressed well. The spark which began in sporadic, slow bursts grew into a steady blaze which lapped up the miles between where he was and the culmination of his first brush with theological education. anil-testimony.jpg

Through his training Anil Kumar always demonstrated his desire to strive and persevere, never to allow his shortcomings to get in the way. With WCCM’s support to make him complete his studies, Anil did not spare any effort and soon rose to top his class to the point of being called often by faculty members to assist other students who were having difficulties.

Anil is now based in Uttar Pradesh, in the north of India. He graduated in March 2006 and obeyed the Lord to go back to his hometown and to serve God there.

God has blessed his work and Anil has been able to start a fellowship in his town with 15 people. Today the same fellowship runs 150.

Not only that, in the same 15 months Anil Kumar has been able to establish 40 fellowships in 5 surrounding districts.

He says it is the training he received through WCCM’s Wilson International University which has prepared him to accomplish this for God’s glory. He remains so grateful to God for WCCM and for our continued labor in preparing men and women for the Lord. Anil is one shining example.

What’s more, on Sunday 12 August 2007 Anil will be baptizing 20 new believers who have come forward out of their own will to obey the Lord in the waters of baptism.

Anil has shared the following two testimonies with WCCM:

Testimony 1.

A Witch who worked the black arts had shown keen resistance to Anil and the work all along. It is never too smart a thing to mess with a witch under any circumstance. Undeterred by the impending danger, Anil went ahead to discover that a girl in the witches’ family had leprosy.

They had secretly, of course, spirited her off to several Doctors and specialists in adjoining areas as well as other states hoping to find that evading cure that had slipped out of their grip every time – that the witch’s power had very little effect on the condition was a bitter pill to swallow to say the least.

Anil and his team offered to help and pray over her sick relative and her reluctance was overcome only by the nagging void of helplessness that had by now carved a deep hollow in the hearts of one and all. Anil prayed that day and in a few days time the entire infected area dried up and the girl’s skin began to grow back – completely healed.

That was step one – today that entire family have received the Lord including the one who used to be a w_ _ _ _ .

Testimony 2.

Some things change and then there are some things which do not. Some things have not changed since the time of Abraham. Even today, in certain areas, people measure their wealth by the cattle they have and the health and strength of their cattle. Such is the case in parts of India even today.

Anil Kumar ministers in such parts. It was on one of these days that people came forward to ask Anil to pray for their cows and their goat which was not doing well and what might be passed off as a common jest by others is taken very seriously by these people who truly hold onto their cattle as their only wealth and sickness and or death to any one of them can deal a deadly blow to their position and esteem.

Anil prayed for the cattle and as you would guess they were actually healed and when opposition arose against Anil and his work, guess who stepped up to the defense.  It was the very same owner of the cattle who was now convinced that the God of Anil was a true God because if that God could care for the health of his cow and his goat then he deserves the Glory. We would say amen to that.