Wilson International University Receives DVD Library

Wilson International University in Bangalore, India, has been blessed with the donation of a DVD Library worth more than $2,000. This Library includes The Passion of the Christ, the three-DVD Left Behind series, and The Jesus Film in 8 different languages among many other titles.

India Field Director and President of Wilson International University Reverend Dr. Jaideep Jesudoss, reports that the training material on DVDs is providing for the means to be on the cutting edge of ministry throughout India, as well as other nations. Jesudoss says:

With the material which has been availed to the McCloud Ministry Center, our training has just leaped ahead by 10 years. The timely provision has thrust WCCM into the forefront to train, evangelize and edify the saints. The curriculum is being utilized to minister to the students at WIU as well as churches, seminars, workshops, small study groups and other outreaches.

Upon viewing the DVD Library List, my heart is filled with a new vision and an eagerness to carry the Gospel throughout India and other nations. There is no other institution [near Bangalore] which has this kind of material, as I have checked out all the libraries myself.

Ministry teams in and around Bangalore will now have a source to check out DVDs to share the Gospel. In the country that created Bollywood and produces more than two movies every day, these high-quality, Biblically centered DVDs will be a tool to capture an audience that may otherwise not be captured, and draw them in to the Truth of the Bible.

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