IP 2007. “The Day Before…”


International Praisefest 2007.


Have you wondered…

When traveling around the world does not take 80 days anymore,

When time taken to warm your food is just a matter of seconds,

When the time taken to contact somebody anywhere in the world is just one phone call away,

When washing clothes is simply – automatic,

When books which ran into volumes have now been stored in a tiny device,

When cars are more powerful and go much faster,


It makes me wonder what we do with all that time we just saved up ?


And in all that goes on, giving time to the person and accomplishment of the Lord Jesus Christ is still a heavy and cumbersome task seemingly so heavy and lengthy that it could at best be looked into – shall we say – tomorrow ? when of course there would be more time… sounds familiar doesn’t it ?


Let me invite you to International Praisefest. IP, an effort made by WCCM that goes all over the world. The most powerful trait of IP is its simplicity. IP takes the road less traveled, why the road is still less traveled remains a mystery, but none the less IP invites every Child of God to come together and put time to the best use – In Worship and Praise to the awesome God who sent his Son Jesus Christ into this World.


Rev Shaun Wilson, Youth Administrator, WCCM has been the man at the forefront of IP. It is his God given vision to make this go all over the world every year while maintaining the uniqueness which is not to take a select group of artists on a world tour of sorts, ministering all over but to invite and facilitate local congregations of people to come together and overlook differences and concentrate on the one thing which is in common. That every one is a recipient of the grace of God.


IP 2007, was meant to deal with the attitude of putting things off till tomorrow, and replacing that with one that says “The Day Before…” The thrust here was simply to encourage the child of God not to wait for an occasion or a special day to give glory to God but to start the day before or to simply make it a lifestyle.


IP 2007 started off fittingly in Bangalore with children singing soulfully about the power of God in their lives. These started from the age group of five. This was followed up by a moving choreography by teenagers to the song “Above All.” Lisa Wilson, daughter of Kevin Wilson, Director,WCCM Board, who was visiting Bangalore made a special appearance and added to the deep impact the team made.


Banaswadi Bible ChurchThis was a reminder of what the Lord Jesus had chosen to undergo in obedience to His Father, as IP in Bangalore was on the day after, Good Friday. Clifford G with his team showed the way by inspiring the ever increasing number of participants to get involved in Worship to God. This was followed by Phoebe with her powerful rendition of Via Dolorosa, a painful journey through every excruciating step that the Lord Jesus bore on his journey to the hill. Banaswadi Bible Church (pictured right) with a super talented team made it clear that they had a change in outlook from being in the day after Good Friday to being in The Day Before… Easter.


Even during the brief power glitch, Worship leader, Pranuthi demonstrated her commitment to worshiping God by carrying on with the singing without missing a beat. Dr Jaideep Jesudoss came on soon afterwards with a shot package to intensify the worship factor and to exalt the Lord who is now seated at the right hand of the Father and is being constantly worshiped in heaven with cries of Holy Holy Holy is the Lord.


Rev Shaun Wilson delivered the Word of God right afterwards in a style all so distinct and entirely his own. He walked away from the conventional pulpit thumping, finger pointing three pointer sermon to a poignant reminder which was delivered with surgical precision from the most unexpected and yet the most powerful spot – seated at the edge of the stage. His approach was exceeded in only one area and that was the depth and reach of his message.


Airport Road Fellowship, came on right after and let the IP to a rousing crescendo by which time every heart in the audience of an estimated 600 people in attendance went away with the warmth in their heart and the taste of victory running rich in their blood. Victory over Death and the Grave, which the Lord Jesus has won !


Dr Jay.




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