WIU Chooses Logo

The Wilson International University at the John and Linda McCloud Ministry Center – Bangalore, India has chosen a logo to represent the university.

WNIU Logo Sm

What appears to be like a rising sun at first glance in indicative of a new start and a fresh approach. The five strokes of the sun is indicative of the international nature and vision of WIU; the five strokes signify the five continents.

There is a borderline which the strokes visibly break at a point. This indicates the mission and vision of WCCM in breaking barriers, entering and ministering in areas and places which cuts across all barriers, natural and man made.

The dot at which all the strokes converge is a common meeting point for everybody from all continents which is the WIU. This signifies that we take relevant training to everybody which cater to different needs at different levels with the added advantage of language options. All this at a common meeting point which is best described by the word, “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel”

The most important part of the design element very clearly signifies that WIU is consumed and is empowered by the “Holy Spirit Power”. This is central.

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