Uganda Mission 2006

Dr W C RatchfordThe renowned giant, powerful and mighty Nile River begins in Uganda and flows north for more than 4,000 miles as it demonstrates its unstoppable current.

Recently, there has been a mightier, swifter move of God that is forging across Uganda. God seemed to breathe a very special anointing upon International Evangelist Dr. W. C. Ratchford and he became an instrument to bring change and encouragement to the people of Kampala, Uganda. Souls came nightly to services to seek and to know the love of God. More than fifty-five different groups attended the Uganda Conference/Crusade. WCCM conducted daily Life-Giving Leaders Sessions to equip and enrich their ministry effectiveness. Twelve countries were represented at the conference and crusade meetings.

WCCM is grateful for all those who partner to help “Make Disciples of All Nations”. Please see the upcoming Mission schedule for 2007.

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