Jesus Film – Evangelism Success

The Jesus Film continues to carry the Gospel to the villages that have never heard.

In preparation to enter new fields of harvest, the WCCM Evangelism Team has a four-fold approach to reaching the unreached with the Good News.

They begin by fasting and praying to God for direction to the right village to visit. This is done on the first Saturday of each month.

On the second Saturday, they visit the village they have chosen and request of the chief permission to go to each hut and speak to the people about the upcoming Jesus Film showing, giving them a personal invitation to attend.

On the third Saturday, the team returns and reminds the villagers of the showing that evening. At the conclusion of the showing, an invitation is extended to follow Christ.

On the fourth Saturday, the team returs and begins a Bible Study at one of the new believer’s huts establishing a new church.

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