Judah Lee Russell Living Memorial

The Judah Lee Russell Living Memorial is being erected in Bungoma, Kenya (pop. 300,000), which will house a complete ministry outreach to the surrounding area of nearly one million residents. The Russell Center will be an ongoing life-giving outreach in honor of Judah Lee Russell.

On April 3, 2006, we felt the loss of Judah Lee Russell — a little boy that, though none of us had met him face to face, had already captured a place in our hearts because he belonged to a family that we love. It is because of that love that we have created a living memorial in his name. The Judah Lee Russell Living Memorial will provide a well in a village where there is currently no clean water.

For many the world over, relieving the thirst of a dry throat is a matter of choosing a favorite beverage from the nearest convenience store. However, the residents of Bungoma, Kenya are not so blessed. During the dry season many families have to depend on the Tembelea Well — meaning water settles — as their only means of drinking water.

Centrine at well

Centrine desires to provide clean water for her family, but none is available. For 73 years these families have had to drink water that isn’t fit for humans. Sadly, she pours unsanitary water into her vessels knowing it is unsafe for her children, but there is currently no alternative. Every day women like her leave their homes at 3 AM to walk to the nearest collection of muddy rainwater only to return eight or more hours later with unsanitary water for their families to drink.

Children drinking clean water for first time

Through Judah’s living memorial, the lives of countless others will be enriched, extended, and perhaps even saved. Though he lost his own life at a very young age, his memory will give life and hope to hundreds of thousands of others for centuries to come with the water that comes from a well like the one to the right.

The Russell Outreach will be a community center that will meet the needs of human necessities.  The Russell Center will house a life-giving well that will provide fresh, clear and sanitary water for thousands in Bungoma, Kenya.  Additionally, a medical clinic will render aid to the physical care of the people in the area.  A church/community center will meet the spiritual thirst and the area’s first place for functions such as weddings to be conducted.  A humanitarian distribution center is also in the works for the center.

WCCM plans to network with like-minded groups such as Operation Compassion to secure nutritional foods and other items that are not readily available at this time.

To fulfill the need of ongoing education, the Russell Outreach Center will construct classrooms to be utilized as a learning center for the kids.



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