Isaiah Institute of Theology Support

IITh eNewsletterThe Isaiah Institute of Theology (IITh) is a network of WCCM seminaries across Africa and Asia. Immediate plans for the institute include a roadmap to launch campuses in 4 countries in 2016 and establish campuses in a total of 27 countries by 2020.

Our projections show that by 2020, IITh will result in 7,764 brand new church plants across this 27-country region. Based on our past experience in ministerial training and church planting, we anticipate this will translate to nearly a half million people being led to the Lord in that same time frame.

At the end of this four-year establishment period, the Isaiah Institute of Theology will be financially self-sufficient and able to continue training pastors on an ongoing basis without additional funding. However, until the four-year establishment period has been completed, WCCM will need help funding this vision. We are currently working to raise the $3,000 per month budget needed to see this vision fulfilled.

We invite you to prayerfully consider whether you can participate in this monthly budget. Whether through a one-time donation or as a supporter over the next four years, every $50, $25, or even $10 that is donated to this important cause per month will help change the spiritual landscape in Africa and Asia for generations to come.

Prefer to mail a check? World Class Cities Ministries, PO Box 92454, Lakeland, FL 33804